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Key topics across Nextv Series Afrique Francophone 2019 agenda include:

As demand for local content increases across Africa, players and operators are going into local production. However,the industry is not growing as rapidly as one would hope, producers, filmmakers and talent are there, but the funding is not.Partnership with international players seem necessary to build a robust African film industry.

The TV and broadcasting industry is evolving rapidly in Ivory Coast leading to the emergence of new players and services.The digital migration process is ongoing and private satellite television and platforms flooded the Ivorian market with their attractive offers. Speakers from this panel will give an overview of the country potential in term of TV broadcasting.

Public broadcasters are important in Africa as most Africans get their information, education and entertainment from them. However, many of them struggle to remain competitive and profitable with the arrival of pay tv operators and OTT. The panellists will try to enlighten us on how public broadcasters  can strengthen their position and embrace the digital era.

Progress on the digital migration in Francophone African countries is slow and there are several reasons why things are moving slowly in these countries. Policy-makers and regulators find it hard to believe that a process that involves everyone owning a television buying a new set-top box is neither feasible nor sensible in the African context.

Piracy is a looming threat causing loss of revenue to the media industry worldwide and Africa has not been spared with more than 180 million euros loss per year. Despite good regulation, piracy in the Pay TV market in Francophone Africa is still on the rise. Panelists will explore ways and means to curb piracy across Francophone Africa.

The telecom sector in French-speaking Africa offers good opportunities. However, if operators can rely on their traditional services, such as voice and data, to generate comfortable margins, they now have to deal with the advent of a new type of competition, offering alternative voice and data services. Operators must reinvent their business model in order to build new services that will guarantee their future profitability as well as facing the increasing pressure of the regulators . How to place the customer at the center of strategies to take advantage of the ongoing digital transformation process on the Continent ?

Public TV in Francophone Africa still strong and important, but with the liberalization of the media, the public broadcaster is now competing with commercial and pan-African channels. The arrival of commercial channels has certainly brought more choice in terms of programming. The panellists will try to enlighten us on how commercial channels  can strengthen their position.

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Over 30+ speakers from African Francophone biggest players targeted